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A close-up of the trestle legs, the holes allowing for different heights are visible and a person is holding it with one hand while their other holds a peg that they are about to use with one of the holes to set a height.
A simple, handsome oak bench shown in the corner of a plain room.
Two plant stands shown in use.
A dining table shown extended with its leaves out, standing in a bare room.
An attractive oak stool, standing in a plain room.
The side of an oak dining table, showing someone, blurred by motion, laying down a tray with some water in a carafe and a couple of empty water glasses.
The corner of a desk showing the construction of the built-in desk drawer and the pleasing quality of the wood.
A close-up of an attractive oak dining chair, seen against a lightly cream coloured background.
A bar chair being held by a man, who is tilting it back so three of its legs are raised off of the ground.
Two oak bar chairs on a plain white background.
A cabinet is shown, with the top and bottom cut out of the frame. On the left side of the image someone is walking into frame, blurred by motion.
The edge of a dining table, showing the beautiful quality of the oak. The table is not extended, so the leaf that is folded in beneath the table top  gives it a double thickness.
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A tall oak cabinet from our Northcote Collection

Northcote Collection

From our tall cabinet to our artist desk and dining table: the Northcote Collection is quality furniture, designed and built in Scotland, hand made to order.

With a simple elegance, these are pieces to cherish for a lifetime, that can complement – and elevate – any space.

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A bespoke bookcase made by Bruntsfield Designs seen standing in a kitchen, housing various plants, books and other belongings.

Bespoke Commissions

Your unique vision translated into your dream furniture piece.

Our skilled designers will work closely with you to create bespoke furniture pieces that perfectly complement your space and embody your individuality.

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Dave Patterson, wearing leaning against a workbench in the Bruntsfield Designs workshop

About us

We handmake all our furniture – the Northcote Collection and bespoke pieces – from our workshop outside Edinburgh.

Find out more about Bruntsfield Designs and our sustainability practices.

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“We are delighted with our two bespoke pieces – a shelving set and record player unit. They are uniquely designed, measured to fit, beautifully finished and installed. They have transformed our living room. We can’t recommend Bruntsfield Designs enough”

“The whole process was such a pleasure. I would highly recommend working with Brunstfield Designs for bespoke furniture”

“We are so happy with our dining table, and are still getting compliments on it from everyone that visits. It will remain a centerpiece of our home for years to come”

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